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    You’ve already gotten one checked off for ya! ;D

    (I’ve been away all weekend, so I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to draw anything!) Here’s a fall checklist that some of you lovely people have been reblogging for the new fall of 2014~




    Maybe instead of making it a whole Emma Watson versus Beyonce thing, we could celebrate the fact that two hugely influential women are being proactive and dedicating their time towards a very important movement

    She literally said, “I can be a feminist, I can be an intellectual, I can be all these other things but I can also be okay with my feminity and being pretty and with all these things that I thought, you know, would negate my message or negate what I am about. That really is the most interesting thing about [Beyonce’s] album. It is so inclusive and puts feminism and female empowerment on such a broad spectrum” now please do point out to me where she called Beyonce a “fake feminist”.

    Okay but it's kinda dumb to get matching tattoos w someone because what if you have a horrific break up that person cheats on you and then you'll have that reminder of them forever. Don't do that. It's stupid. I'm speaking from experience.

    Asked by Anonymous

    oh. i am so sorry to hear that. :(

    i’ll make sure to only get matching inks when i’m sure he’s “the one”. :)

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